Today’s Prayer (11/18/2019)

Lord, I pray that people will be rescued from their addictions in Your mighty Name, Jesus. It is sad to think that so many people are wasting their time in their day on things that are not helping them spiritually. Truly, TV, videos games, phones, tablets, and computers are only a distraction and leading people to find satisfaction in the world, apart from you. All I can see in this, Lord, is idolatry, which breaks my heart to see people worshipping things that will never satisfy them in the end. And Lord, there is a grave sin in pornography and masturbation that needs to be dealt with in people’s lives, less they die in their sins. This evil comes from these digital devices and it is hard to see people falling for it. Truly, it is my heart’s desire that these things be killed off entirely, but I know that is not possible now. Only can they be done away with in our own lives, with Your help, and then completely when You return and all the wickedness in this world is destroyed. And as much as I wish that day would come sooner than later, I also wish that more souls would be saved from hellfire and damnation, before their life ends. There are too many lost souls out there, and to think that the majority of them are on the broad road to destruction breaks my heart. I wish I could sound a trumpet for all the world to hear, that You, Jesus, can save them from all their sins and addictions. Surely, nobody is destined to go to hell, but can still repent. So cause these people to be guilty, that they will repent and come to You for salvation. I believe in You Lord. You rescued a wretch like me I know that You can save anybody who calls upon Your Name. I love You Lord. Amen.
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