Today’s Prayer (11/05/2019)

Oh Lord, I love You. You are my greatest joy of all. I can have nothing, but if I have You in my life, I am happy. It is because You are the supplier of my joy and comfort, that I have strength in this life. The enemy has no chance to take me down, for You are my shield. You give me peace even when trials come, because You are always there to lift me up. Truly, there are many distractions in this life that could keep me away from You, but the devil can keep trying, for You mean more to me than the worldly things He offers. Lord, I’d rather give my time to You in studying the Bible, in prayer, praise and worship, and doing Your will, than to binge watch things on TV. Surely, You mean more to me than allowing wickedness to creep into my life. So continue to shield my eyes from the wickedness of this world. Keep me on your righteous path. Help me to continue to seek You first in my life. I also pray for others that are currently in sin and have their priorities backwards. Lord, convict them of the bad choices they are making, and direct them on Your holy path. Many people are seeking things that they deem important, when really it only goes against Your will. So help them not be wise in their own eyes any longer. Then, will they make better decisions when it comes to how much TV they watch and what they watch. Also, will their time spent on their phone and other devices be limited, while allowing the Bible to be accessed more. It is when we put You first is when reading Your Words and praying becomes a priority in our lives. Otherwise, we will only make excuses when it comes to reading, praying and even doing Your will. Lord, You are worth living for, and I pray that everyone that says they believe will also start believing in this also. Amen.
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