Today’s Prayer (06/30/2019)

Oh Lord, my God, I love You so much. You are so good to me God. Thank You for hearing my prayers and extending Your forgiveness and mercy upon me. Though I don’t always deserve it, after all I have done, You are always so kind to lift me up me, when I need You most. You know my heart, when I am sincerely sorry and Your mercy is shown. This shows how compassionate You really are towards me and everyone else that submits themselves to You, God. You desire for us all to be saved and be covered by Your blood, that was spilt on the cross.  It is just up to us to follow You and do Your will. And in doing Your will, I am also convicted of what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. If I am not as likely to forgive others as You do for me, then I am a hypocrite. My desire to be forgiven by You is not sincere if I cannot forgive my enemies. Your words in scripture have taught me this truth and I pray that I may always forgive those that have hurt me. This might be difficult at first, but Your love is able to brake every barrier. You have the power to tear down every wall and that is what I need in my life. Come and do a great thing in my life and others, as my life for You is on display towards them also. It is wonderful to be in Your service God. Doing good to those in this world brings me so much happiness. Thank You for giving me these good and righteous desires. It is because You dwell inside of me that I want to forgive everyone, no matter what they have done to me or others. I love You and trust in You, God. Amen.
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