Today’s Prayer (05/22/2019)

I pray Lord that more people will desire to live a life for You and to no longer live in a state of willful sin. May people understand what they are doing is wrong, starting today. I know that we all are susceptible to sin in this life, but those that love You will always turn from their sins and repent. This is because it is better to live in Your holiness, then to have temporary pleasure in this world. I know this first hand, as the lusts in the flesh for pornography and women in general have almost taken me down to the grave. If I had not repented and turned to You, Lord, then my shame and depression would have easily eaten at my soul to even death. As I have once suffered in all this guilt, I no longer wish that I would fall back into my old ways again. Because You have taken me by the hand, Lord, and have shown me the way, I know that things are much better now. All my shame has been replaced with peace, comfort and so much love. My guilt has been taken and now I have hope for a new day. I know that I have no way of living a righteous life on my own, but with Your presence in my life and the help of the Holy Spirit, I am more than capable of living up to Your standards. It is truly my desires to go through Your narrow gate and help others escape the wide gate to hell and destruction. I do not wish people to suffer, but to be set free through following You, Jesus. Your blood has been spilt for all mankind on the cross. If they would simply look to You in faith and confess their sins, all things would be made new. You would be able to change their lives and lead them from darkness and into Your light. There is a better way to live in this life and it is through Your hands. Standing for Your cause it only way to go for salvation, when the end of days of come. This I pray Lord, in thy Holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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