Today’s Prayer (05/19/2019)

Lord, I am so grateful to know You now and to be lifted up from the pains and sorrows of this world. Temptation has surely taken me down a dark path, but because of Your compassion for me, I have been rescued and found forgiven through Your blood. Thank You for Lord for showing mercy for me and washing me clean, even after all I have done. I know that I have done some terrible things in Your sight, but still You never lost hope in me the my future. Your love never failed me, even though my heart was far from You. Now, just thinking of that life and the life I have now, I feel so blessed. I could never be so grateful, just to be with You and have Your presence in my life. I am at peace and have hope, just knowing You are there by my side. There is so much freedom to know that I am following in Your ways and doing what is right. This is where real joy feels like and I want more and more of You. I have surely had enough of the lies that this world offers. The sins that come from our lusts are not worth it. I would surely rather have Your love that never ends with me, then to be a part of something that ends in death. So for this reason Lord, I am willing to do all things by Your hand. Lead me and I will go. Whatever you would have me do, I will do it, even if my own death is on the line. It is better to be persecuted and slain for my faith, then to die, having denied You and losing my salvation. And how could I ever give up on You Lord. You are the author of eternal life and the greatest joy imaginable. There is no place I would rather go then to be with You. You are my joy and my greatest love. I love You Lord. In thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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