Today’s Prayer (05/16/2019)

Lord, I pray that all people that say they know You now or have in the past will understand the importance of living in Your righteousness, reading the Bible daily and praying often. I know that these three things will help our faith stand strong, that we might fight against temptation when it strikes. I also know that when we have days or weeks go by and we are not seeking You in Your Word or in prayer, that our thoughts and actions change dramatically. Where we once wanted to live in Your holiness, sin lies at our door and begins to wreck our lives. So now Lord, I speak to those people that once knew You, but have since hardened their hearts through sin. May their be an awakening of their sins before it is too late. I know that as a follower of You, we ought to also be doers of Your will. Otherwise, we are only deceiving ourselves into thinking that we saved. As Your words have spoken, deception begins when sin takes root in our hearts and we do nothing about it. And so it festers there and leads us so far from You and Your great love. Here is where people have chosen to do things that they will certainly regret come judgement day, before Your thrown, Lord. Oh, how my heart aches for these people that are so lost and don’t even realize it. May their brokenness cause them to seek Your hand once again, that confessions will poor out of their mouths in humility to You. This I know that mercy is for those that call upon Your Name. Otherwise, they are damned to hell. May this not be the place of those that once knew You. This I pray Lord, in Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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