Today’s Prayer (03/11/2019)

Lord God Almighty, we lift you up and praise Your holy Name. You are worthy. Thank You God for showing us the way and leading us away from darkness and into Your light. Your words have become a lamp unto our feet and we are so blessed. Truly there is salvation in Your name and we are grateful to serve You and to testify the truths of Your words to everyone that will listen. Nothing has impacted us in a bigger way than the teachings of Your holy scriptures and we want everyone to know the truth. But in all things, please refine us each and every day that we read Your words and pray. In all humility, we come before you to learn more and more each day. We do this in order to always be in line with Your teachings and never fall out of line by our own thoughts and desires. And if needed Lord, please send others in the faith to help refine our own thinking and what we know now as truth. I know that when I rely on myself for knowledge and truth is when I get into trouble, but when You are in my life, all things make sense. I am also blessed when You come in the form of another person, as a messenger, that my beliefs may be strengthened. I know that Your ways are good and am grateful for the ways that You declare such truths to my life. My eyes and ears are open. Be ever near me, that I may grow in the faith and be more mature in my teachings, when it comes to You. I love You Lord. You are my great God and I am grateful to serve You. Amen.
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