Today’s Prayer (03/07/2019)

Oh Lord, truly Your words speak to us each day that we read and study them in the Bible. Thank You for opening my eyes to Your truths and the principles in the verses of Acts, chapter 12. It has surely been a blessing to read what took place with James and Peter. This has helped me learn more about persecution, prayer and honoring You. I am so glad that these verses have stood out, in order to teach me a lesson in these different areas of our faith. Surely, in my walk with You, there will be persecutions, for I have already felt it in my time evangelizing. There are days that people are interested in the gospel and other days when people are not kind and say and do mean things. This I know will happen, but I trust in You Lord for deliverance. Your presence gives me peace and helps me go forward in spreading Your gospel message. It is prayer that comforts me and gives me encouragement for the task at hand. I trust that You will lead me to the lost and those that are waiting for Your message of hope. Even a person’s sickness or addiction can be healed through prayer. I have seen such miracles take place and I give You all the glory. It was nothing I could do on my own or the person that was with me, but Your hand in the person’s life that was healed. If anyone is changed from the inside or out, it is because the Spirit of God has moved inside of them. You are our God and we give You all the praise and glory. I love You Lord. Amen.
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