Today’s Prayer (01/12/2019)

Oh Lord, help every one of us to stay strong in the faith and not give into the lust of the flesh. May we not lose focus on You, so that when times of trial comes, You may relieve us of the evil situation we are in. Even in the very moment that we feel tempted and catch ourselves thinking about things that we shouldn’t, may we be reminded to call upon Your Name, that You may take our thoughts captive. This way, the thoughts that have clouded our minds will be turned into good things that will glorify Your Name and no longer tear it down. Help us do this and live a righteous life in You, Jesus. I know that I am not capable of living such a life of faith, unless You are by my side. As my flesh is weak, I need You every day and every hour of my life. Your presence is what helps me choose what is right and do the right things. The Holy Spirit is able to pierce my heart when there is any sin in my life, that it may be cast out. I need this type of refreshing every day, that I may better walk in the faith. Their can’t be anything that gets in the way of Your love, Lord. Since the day of my baptism, my life has been dedicated to You. I am born again in Your Spirit and I pray that I may always do Your will and not my own. May Your ways be my ways. I trust in You, God. You are my joy and my delight. I honor You and rejoice, just to know You and have You in my life. All praise to Your Holy Name. I love You. Amen.
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