Today’s Prayer (11/26/2018)

Oh Lord, may the importance of true faith be in the heart of every Christian. I know that in the day we live in that works have been downplayed as faith is elevated. Where faith plus works should be taught, it is not. I pray that people will re-read what You have said about believing in You and then doing greater works. I know that You have done so many great things in my life and I give You all the glory. Your servant James also spoke about faith plus works, but his words are also set aside and not realized. Lord, this leaves us with so many empty people in this world. Without Your works inside of us, we are truly dead. Without Your fruits, we are not serving You but our own will. I pray that You will prick people’s hearts that they will repent and trust in You, Jesus, starting today. May there be a change of heart and soul take place. May their faith be revived, that You may start working through them. I know that You have so many great things to do inside of us, if we but listen to the Holy Spirit. If our hearts were just open, You could do so much good in our lives. We need You Lord. Our faith is dead without You. I trust in You God. I love You. Amen.
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