Today’s Prayer (10/15/2018)

Lord God, please help people see the importance of repenting and discovering You today, before it is too late. I have seen way to many people, I know and love, die and I am always saddened to think that they may have lost their chance at salvation. So many people are living for the things of this world and don’t even know it. The lusts of the flesh rule their thoughts and intents. Evil things and wickedness fills their lives. And what saddens me the most is not only the wickedness of this world but also that I have family and friends that are among them. Some are living a worldly life and making many mistakes along the way. Others are striving to live a good life, while living apart from Your true gospel. And so my heart breaks for them. I do not wish anyone to experience hell. I wish everyone I knew and loved would leave the world behind and follow You, Jesus. So God, please awake these people to Your love. Move them off the path of destruction and onto Your path that to heaven. May they be convicted of their wrongs and repent today. I pray that more of the people I love and care for on earth will also go to heaven. I say these things Lord, in thy Holy Name. Amen.
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