Today’s Prayer (09/23/2018)

Oh lord, humble us that we may take advice from others and You more seriously. When our sins come to light and people make mention of it, help us to not deny it but accept what we did was wrong. If there is counsel for our wrongs, may we be so able to listen to them. Help us to always have an open heart to our mistakes that when these circumstances arise that we will be ready to respond favorably. I know that many times I have said the wrong thing and caused a scene and I am sorry. Help me and everyone else to think of You before we speak. May our hearts and minds be filled with Your love for one another that we will treat others with that same love. And most importantly, help us to not be frustrated and to then shove it on other people. Calm our heart and cast out all anger. Give us peace in moments of distress. I trust in You Lord. I Love You. Amen.
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