Today’s Prayer (09/20/2018)

Lord God, we come to You today with thanks and a desire to learn more of You. We know that what we learn in this life does not hold a candle to what You can teach us. Your words give us breath and helps us through our day. Thank You for giving us understanding, as we read the Bible. It is You, God, that helps Your words fly off the pages, in order to pierce our hearts. We would still be stumbling through life if You did not give us direction. And God we are so grateful for the knowledge that You give us daily. I am stronger when Your Words are imprinted upon on my heart. And best of all, what You teach me, helps me grow in the faith. As I do as You say, my love for You and my neighbor increases. Doing as You command is the best feeling that I could ever get. And the reason is, in those moments, You are dwelling inside of me. I am not comfortless for Your presence has come over me and given me peace. I have learned God that nothing in this world is greater than Your love. And where do I find this love but by reading the Bible, praying and doing as it says. This is true love and You have shown this to me. Thank You Lord. I am grateful to have You abide in me. I am stronger every day that You are there. I love You. Amen.
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