Today’s Prayer (08/10/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray for those that are addicted to alcohol. Will You come into their lives and deliver them this day? I know that these strong drinks are evil and will only bring us away from Your presence. You are unable to come into our lives when we are freely clouding our minds. I pray this night for sobriety. Bring clarity to people’s minds like never before. Help them see what they are missing out on when they giving themselves over to drinking. Help them know that You cannot dwell inside of them when they are dwelling in darkness. Lord, I’ve seen so many people casually drink, get drunk and go downtown to bars like it is nothing. And it really saddens me when I see somebody I know that says they are a Christian do such things. My heart is troubled by this and I know that this is because their faith is not firm but on the rocks. Encourage these people, through Your Word and through prayer. Convict them of their wrongs and give them wise counsel to stop. I know that only You can break the chains of addiction. I trust in You, Jesus. Help me share your gospel truths with them, that they may have a desire to change their lives. I love You. Amen.
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