Today’s Prayer (08/03/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, thank You for coming to my rescue. Thank You for listening to my thoughts this day and rushing in to help me. Things were difficult and much confusion was set in, until You came in and cleared it all up. What you did for me is amazing. It saved me countless hours of struggling to find an answer to my problems. You saw a need and stepped in to show me the way. Thank You for the knowledge that You have given me. I recognize Your hand in this and am so grateful. So much inspiration has come into my life because of You, Lord. It is wonderful to receive Your guidance and direction. I am so enlightened and at peace by Your wisdom, every time. Each time I seek You in prayer and simply think on You, You are there for me. The problems I am having are solved. I am then lifted up to go forward in life. You help me get past what is weighing me down. There is power in Your Name and I am filled with Your strength daily. I am so glad to be led by You. I know that You are always listening. You are always willing to help us. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.
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