Today’s Prayer (07/25/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, I pray for the unbelievers and those that are lost in a false religion. My heart breaks for them and the path they are on. There is a way that can lead them out of their bondage, and that is You Lord, but they do not see it. Their eyes are shut and their pride is elevated. Will you come and convict them, this day, of their wrongs? Humble them. Show them how foolish they have been and awaken them to what is true. I know that I was once a part of this group of people and am so happy that You have come and awakened my soul from darkness. Though I felt I knew the truth, I soon found out that I was so wrong. My ideas and church beliefs did not outweigh You or Your words. Based on the Bible, Your holy standard, I was living with a false conviction. The doctrines I had learned and believed in were only of men and Your words spoke out against them in volumes. It was difficult when You first made me aware of Your truths and the false teachings I was under but I am so grateful now. What seemed to be hard to bear in the past now seems so compassionate of You to lead me from darkness and into Your light. I love You Lord. I know that all truth comes from You and Your Words in the Bible. Amen.
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