Today’s Prayer (05/27/2018)

Daily Prayer:
I pray that the truth about Joseph Smith’s translation of the Book of Abraham will come to light. May more people look at the facsimile’s of the papyri and look at what the Egyptologists are saying. To know that even Mormon scholars say that his translation of the papyri is wrong then the words needs to get out there. Please Lord, broadcast the news upon the housetops. May everyone that is Mormon now, come to know this. Set a revival in their hearts to come to know what is true and leave what is false behind. I am grateful to have done this. The day I put my trust in You above all, was when things started changing for the better. My wicked heart was changed. My sins were forgiven by Your blood. Thank you for rescuing me and delivering me from my deception. I love You above all things. I give my life to You Lord. Amen.
May 27, 2018
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