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Daily Christian Devotionals has changed my whole mentality of Christian websites. I mean… how many places can you find… Devotionals, Christian music, and Bible reading, all on the same platform. Awesome!! 😎😎 Love it.

This site has been such an inspiration to me. The amount of insight I find here and the truth of God’s word being explained are so helpful.. It has everything… music, devotionals, real stories from Paul Gee about his trips, and the entire bible. Can’t beat it… Love it!!!

A Message From The Founder: I give God thanks for this awesome review. Reviews like this motivates me to continue to write daily and to add more Christian content to this site. I am truly blessed to know that people are coming to know and follow Jesus because of what they are reading, listening to, and watching. This is amazing to hear and I pray that many more people find out about "Daily Christian Devotionals" and also grow in the Lord daily. God bless you. -Paul Gee   Submit Your Website Review Today!

October 30, 2018
by Patrick E Roy

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