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…for sexual sin, murdering, steeling, coveting and such seem so much worse. However, pride falls into the same category. Why is this? Because pride causes a person to forget God… Continue Reading

Cast Aside Your Pride

…drives away the Spirit of God. God cannot be around us if we have anger in our heart. In these situations we are relying on our pride. Our own decisions… Continue Reading

Lay Down Your Pride

If we don’t give up our pride it will eventually overcome us. We will be deceived by things of the world. Things will look appealing on the outside but inwardly… Continue Reading

Seek First What God Commands

…can see. But with everything in life, pride will eventually catch up to these people. Solomon said, 1“a man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble… Continue Reading

Watch Your Tongue

It is not good to be boastful in ourselves. Our foolish pride will lead us down paths that only yield destruction. How is this? Because we have chosen to lift… Continue Reading

The Wicked Must Repent

…for they believe they have what they need in life to be happy. God’s judgement isn’t even in their thoughts because of their pride. All this pride will one day… Continue Reading

The Fall Of Lucifer

…loved his wisdom, however, all this changed when He decided to lift himself up, in order to become like God. Because of his stature before others, his pride went to… Continue Reading