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Don’t Give Up

…There still is time for change. Stand up and fight against sin. When we are tied down in addiction we may not feel up to change. Our hearts are so… Continue Reading

Live By God’s Words

…feared God you would let Him change your life. The wrath of God is over all people that would rather live in sin than let God tear that sin from… Continue Reading

Do You Read The Bible Daily?

…give us the daily nourishment and spiritual growth we need. Reading the Bible will change the way we act, think and feel inside. Understanding God’s words is a life changeContinue Reading

Watch Your Tongue

…bodies. People can try to change their lives and how they speak to others but this tendency cannot be broken without God’s intervention. 1“The tongue can no man tame; it… Continue Reading

The Christian Life

…hearing this, my question for you is, are you ready now to change your life? Are you willing to go all in for Christ? Sure, you have a choice to… Continue Reading

Obedience To God’s Will

…looking at porn, living in fornication, adultery or homosexuality, but with God on our side, we can resist temptation and rest in His love. Surely God can change the most… Continue Reading