A Renewed Life In Christ

When it comes to our new life in Christ, Paul described this new walk in great detail in Romans, chapter 7. How we are married to Christ when we believe in Him.

Give Thanks Unto The Lord

Every person that is free from any type of addiction or bad habit in their life ought to give God thanks and show their gratitude towards Him.

God Hates A Lying Tongue

It is when we are truthful to people, is when trust is also built. Now the opposite is when people lie and even jokingly lie and then say sorry sarcastically.

Stand Against Abortion And Homosexuality

So let’s now read a few verses that affirm our stance on abortion and homosexuality. First off being abortion, where God said, “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” (Genesis 1:28)

Seek First The Kingdom Of God

So my question for you all is, do you even want to be saved? If so, then you should know what to do with your life?

The Lord God Is Our Refuge

There are so many great and mighty things the Lord can do in the lives of those that believe in Him. We are not alone, but have His mighty presence to bear us up at all times.

The Enemy Wants To Take Us Down

The devil desires for us to be happy for a time, but then have us feel a need to have more and more of it, in order to be really happy.

Modesty And Purity For Men And Women

When it comes to fornication and adultery, men and women are both at fault here. It is true that women who wear skimpy outfits are in the wrong and defile their temples, which is of the living God.

Are You Living For God Or This World?

It is true that what you are doing with your life now is either drawing you to God or away from Him. This is why most people that I am even speaking to now are on the path of destruction and don’t even realize it.

Lying Has Consequences

Surely, guilt can really kick in when we’ve lied to people that we care about. Even other people often pay the consequences for these mistakes, which is very sad.

Do You Love Jesus?

Our love for God becomes real, as we go out in the world and begin to light it up.  We see those people that are in need and care for them.

I Love Jesus

Lord, Your ways are amazing and I cannot stop learning from Your Words in the Bible. You have taught me so much over these last few years and my mind has been officially blown by what I have found and learned.

What David Did Out Of Fear

Now, David’s second lie was having the need to get a weapon, because he said the king required it to be done in a swift manner.

David And Jonathan

Jonathan was David’s best friend, and during these rough times, he was able to go to him, along with God, for help.

David Fled From Saul

If it wasn’t for Jonathan, that night, Saul may have tried early on to kill David. So thankfully his son at least saw the good in David and had his back, along with God, of course.

David Became Saul’s Son In Law

It was in this time that Saul began plotting against David that, “Michal Saul’s daughter loved David: and they told Saul, and the thing pleased him.

David And Goliath

You may think that someone going to war, in times past, would need at least a helmet, armor, a shield and a sword. However, although this was common then, this was not the case for David.

Priorities In Life

So what does it look like to trust in God with our whole heart? Well, it means doing as He commands us and giving up things that are holding us back from following Him.

When Marriage Is Hard

Counseling is an option when our marriage is on the rocks. This is especially true if your spouse is willing to go down this road. Re-courting our spouse also helps.

David’s Anointing From God

It was after David got the calling from God to be King, that God’s anointing was removed from Saul. So the Spirit of God left him and an evil spirit found rout in Saul’s heart instead.