No More Fear In Christ Jesus

We know that after this life is all set and done that we will be with Jesus in heaven. Death comes to everyone, but those that loved the Lord will be with Him forever.

Doing Good On The Sabbath

Jesus knew the evil intentions of the Pharisees and did not approve of their murmurings, one to another.

Laborer’s In God’s Vineyard

The Lord God calls every person to work in His vineyard. They will all then be given the same reward when all is set and done.

God Cleansed Me Of All My Sins

Now myself and David have a lot in common. We both lusted after women and commit adultery, in the meantime. I was also big into looking at pornography.

The Mount Of Transfiguration

So, as the story of the transfiguration continued, two key prophets from the Old Testament appeared. Namely, Moses and Elijah.


The Psalmist calls the offspring of Jacob to glorify God. We might assume that the offspring of Jacob refers to the Jewish people, and it probably does.

Examining 3 False Beliefs In Mormonism

So let’s see if we can piece this all together for everyone to understand. Again Mormons state that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers but the Bible is clear that Jesus is His and our creator.


This verse is Joseph’s honest, humble reply. He admitted that he himself wasn’t able to interpret the dream.

Missing The Mark On Showing Love

Now many years went by, but it wasn’t until today that God convicted me of my wrongs. It was while reading in Leviticus 25 that God spoke directly to my sins.

Jesus’s Second Coming

In these last days, that Jesus returns, Isaiah said that the whole earth would shake. It would no longer be the same place again.


The scribes were the teachers of the law. They prided themselves on their knowledge of the law of Moses.


The Pharisees were trying to trick Jesus into saying something worthy of a capital offence.

The Root Of Jesse

To help us understand who has the characteristics of being mighty in all works, our counselor and judge, we will look to another verse from Isaiah.

God’s Light Is Piercing

As the righteous enjoy being in the light of Jesus, the wicked do not want anything to do with it. It actually causes them to fear and be anxious.

Can You See The Light Of Jesus?

The light that shines upon us all is our Lord, Jesus. He is the chosen Messiah, who was born to save us all from our sins.

Requirements To Enter Heaven

When we love the Lord Jesus, all of these things become a part of our lives. As we give our lives to Christ, He is able to transform is.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Jesus explained what it takes to follow Him. He said, “he that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

When God Takes Us Home

To those people that continue to build up their lives in worldly pleasures. There will be a reckoning with God in judgement, come death.


Surely, when God speaks, we ought to pay attention. His counsel is much wiser than our own and is the only way we will be on the right path.


To better understand the gravity of this situation, for every porn watcher, we will now look to what Paul said about this matter.

Who Do You Trust For Answers?

Why put your trust in the things of this world that will soon shrivel up and turn to dust one day? These things will eventually fail you, if it is not in God.

God’s judgments Are Upon The Wicked

God said that although the people, in his time, may not agree with his stance on God and His laws, he had no need to fear them, but to stay firm in his faith.

Isaiah’s Sins Were Purged

Since the Lord God knew of Isaiah’s intentions and desires to serve Him, above all, he was able to see a heavenly vision.