Evangelize: Bethel Apartments

It is a blessing to share the love of Christ with others. My heart swells just thinking of people accepting Jesus as Lord.

Do Not Add To God’s Truth

My prayer is that people come to know Jesus. Read the Bible and you will understand the importance of the Lord in your lives.

Armor Of God

Be prayerful always that God may be with You. It is my prayer that You open your mind to Him. We will not be able to withstand false teachings if our faith is not rooted in truth.

False Prophets

To follow any one but Christ alone leads to death. Our eyes must be opened to the Lord lest we fall into dark paths that don’t bear light.

Receive Jesus Into Your Life

Just like all of you, I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I come to Him with open arms to receive Jesus into my life.

The Qualities Of The Elect

It is amazing to think of the life I once knew compared to what I have now. The Lord has truly turned my life around.

In Remembrance Of Jesus

How grateful I am to be sanctified by the Lord’s grace. Though I was in chains God broke the bonds and set me free.

Walk Apart From The World

It is my heart’s desire to do God’s will. I know that there are many things in this world that can take me away from His presence.

Overcomer In Christ Jesus

Jesus overcame sin and death that we might live again. He is our Savior and Lord of all. Praise His Holy Name.

Thanks To Our Lord On High

Lord, Your love has restored my life. I am made clean through Your mercy. Thank You for suffering for our sins.

The Importance Of The Cross

It was when I saw myself as a sinner that I found out how much I truly needed Jesus in my life. The cross now means the world to me.

Vile Passions Of The Flesh

If you are mixed up with sexual immorality, repent! Come to God and turn away from your sins. Let His mercy fall upon you.

Abstain From Sin

If you are worshipping idols, repent and cast them out of your life this day. Give up a life of sin and come back to God.

Mind Focused On God

Give your heart to God. Make time for Him in your life. Above all do things that give Him honor.

Stand Strong In Persecution

Lift up the Lord in all you do. Let His light shine in your life. In persecution stand strong in your faith.

Hear The Lord’s Voice

Follow the Good Shepherd. The Lord Jesus is the way to heaven. Believe in Him and you will be saved.

Praises To The Lord

Give your praises to the Lord. Sing songs of thanksgiving. Let His Name be lifted high.

Prayer In Our Hearts

Strive to have a prayer in your hearts. The Lord can be with You each day that you seek Him.

Miracles From God

I owe all to You, Lord, for Your sacrifice on the cross. Thank You for Your mercy though I am a sinner.

Walk In Humility

Let us learn from the greatest teacher of all, Christ the Lord. He didn’t just teach but did it in humility.

The Bible Is True

Through reading the Bible we will know it is true. It is alive and God speaks through every each verse.

Love God And Not Idols

Turn away from your false beliefs, leave the religion that teaches that idolatry is good, and come to Christ.

Jesus Is The Judge

There is a judgement that will befall everyone after death. It will be either a wonderful day or a terrifying day.

Repent Of Your Sins

I am sorry Lord to have wronged You. I can see what I’ve done is wrong. I turn away from my sins to follow You.