Today’s Prayer (03/10/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for my Mormon friends and family. Even to those people who hate me, I pray for them also. Help them come to a realization that I am only witnessing to them because I love them. I am not trying to bash their false beliefs but to help them know that our belief system needs to be conformed to Your Words in the Bible and not man. Even the principles of the gospel do they have wrong. This wouldn’t be the case if they didn’t have their other so-called books of scripture. Truly, people who think that Christianity is wrong and that You needed to start over with a different religion like Mormonism is so evil. It is hard to believe that I was once wrapped up in such a cult as this. Lord, thank You for waking me up and for helping me see the errors in my way of thinking. It is hard to believe that I could not see the issues in my faith when now I know the Bible speaks an entirely different language. I was missing the Holy Spirit to understand it until You came. I love You, Jesus. You are my everything. Amen.

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