Today’s Prayer (08/31/2022)

Oh Lord, this life is short, and to not live for You now would mean destruction after this life. I pray for my family and friends to receive You, Jesus, while they still have breath. I have seen way too many family members and friends pass on to the grave, while having a bad feeling about where they are now. These feelings should not exist for people I love. They have had ample opportunities to get right with You while they had time. Unfortunately, they distanced themselves from You, thinking they had more time left to repent, but in the end, that time was wasted. All I can do is speak Your truth and pray for my family and friends now. I love You, Lord, and many people in this life. I just know that I am not in charge of their salvation. People go exactly where they want to go. Lord, if people are not for You in this life, why would they be for You in the next. Thankfully, there are millions of true believers on the earth right now. Lord, we do love You and cherish every minute we have to be in Your awesome presence. You could very well snatch us up at any time. Please do. I want to be with You, God. There is joy in Your presence. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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