Today’s Prayer (05/20/2022)

Oh Lord, help us to know Your will and follow after it also. You are God, Jesus, and many people will say this but do nothing to show their worship. It is sad to hear from people that they only worship the Father and not You. Do they not know that You are worthy of our praise also, Jesus? How that every knee will bow down before You one way or another in this life or the next. As for me, I’ve already made my decision to follow You completely and to make You Lord of my life. I will not waiver from this, even if my life is at stake. People can persecute me, but this will not deter me from following You, Lord. I give You the glory and the praise, Jesus. I worship You now and forever. You are the Son of Man, who came into this world, in order to save us from our sins. Thank You, God. Because of the cross, Your blood has covered me. For this reason, I tell everyone I can about You and the atonement You made for us on the cross. Many people get this wrong while adding Gethsemane to the atonement, but in these false beliefs, every person will one day know that in Your death, did You atone for our sins. Forgive me, Lord. Wash me clean from all my iniquities. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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