Today’s Prayer (05/18/2022)

Oh Lord, help every person know You and Your will for their lives. I am so grateful that You have shown me Your will those many years ago. In a time that I was so far gone in sin and unbelief, You did not give up on me. I had what I thought was the truth, but it was only leading me further and further from You and Your grace. Only You, God, could take a wretched sinner like me and turn me into a man of God that You know today. In my tears did I confess all my sins. You heard every cry and had compassion upon my soul. Thank You for washing me in Your blood, Jesus. Your atonement did take place on the cross and means everything to me. To be renewed in the Spirit and to gain a new mind in Christ is what I’ve always needed, but didn’t know I wanted until now. Only You, God, could take me out of a place that was filled with false teachings. I thought I knew You, but I was really believing in a made-up god that does not save. I am so blessed to know that You were the one to help me unlearn the lies of Mormonism. It took time, but I am grateful for Your wisdom and patience. Lord, You never gave up on me and I will not give up on You also. Lead me from temptation and to Your heavenly home above. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise. Amen.
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