Today’s Prayer (04/27/2022)

Lord, keep us in Your right standing. Help people understand what it means to follow You. Many people don’t think that good works are important anymore, which is a travesty. This is the lie from the pit of hell that we can just live the life we want to and still go to heaven because of our faith in You. God, these people have taken grace too far. Do they even read the Bible? I wonder this, for keeping Your commandments is all throughout the old and new covenant. Surely, we don’t have a free ride into heaven because of our faith, but a faith that is alive in You. Lord, help us know and understand that there is a physical hell for people who disobey You. There should be a fear of God in these people’s lives. Maybe then will they wake up to their sinful state and forsake it for Your sake. This life is short, but our obedience to You will continue past this life and the next. How can people even think they can go to heaven if they are not listening to Your voice now and obeying You. Heaven is going to be so wonderful and I pray that more people will make it there. They need You first, Jesus. I love You, God. Amen.

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