Today’s Prayer (02/01/2022)

Father, who art in heaven, I know that You are God and have the power to do all things in heaven and on earth. You have kept me alive these many years and have also caused me to not be in too much pain or anguish, though I sinned against You. You saw my potential and my desires to get right with You, and through Your mercy, I became clean through Your blood. Sure, some people are afflicted because of sickness, pain, and other things, in order to wake them up to get right with You. Some of them get very sick when it comes to getting AIDs, HIV, and other STDs because of sexual sins, including homosexuality. In all things, we deserve the wrath You pour out upon us, especially if we resist getting right with You. You are a God of vengeance and we need to learn to fear You in order to be saved. People cannot keep living a life that they believe is right and still think they can be accepted in Your presence when they die. I know that in heaven, no evil thing can exist. So how can anybody think they can just believe in You, Jesus, but still willfully sin? This is not unto salvation. All this makes no sense and I rebuke these lies from the enemy. I trust in You, God, for salvation instead. I love You. Amen.
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