Today’s Prayer (01/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will stop blaspheming You in their false worship of other gods. Catholics have made Mary out to be the queen of heaven which is abominable in Your sight. It rubs me wrong to know that they light candles, pray, and even burn incense to Mary. Do they not know that this was already spoken against in the times of Jeremiah? You called these people wicked and working an abomination in Your sight, and I believe it. I am also saddened to hear that those in the Mormon camp also fall into similar false beliefs. They teach as part of their doctrine that You, Father, have a wife or queen in heaven. And because they believe that all creation comes from You, Father, and Your so-called wife, they also believe in the fertility God that was spoken against in the times of Jeremiah. There are also women in this church that sing songs about a heavenly mother, which is truly false worship. These sins are so wicked and pains me to see them mock You like this God. So I pray that Your wrath will fall upon them and wake them up to know the errors of their sinful ways. Then will they repent and get right before You, and You alone, before their last breath. I love You, Lord. I believe in You. Amen.
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