Today’s Prayer (12/08/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will lead me in everything I do. The enemy is so crafty in his evil temptations, but denying those temptations and living for You is so much more valuable. Each time I say no to the devil, I feel so much better afterward. It is so good to know that You helped me resist the lust and covetousness that was put in my heart. I did not quench the Holy Spirit that is in me. Praise God. As Your people, we are Your light in this darkened world. Although this world is dark, we are capable of lighting it up because You are with us. Thank You, Lord. What I want in my life is more of You and less of me. I thirst for one thing and that is Your wisdom for me. I hunger for one thing and that is what You can do for me. Teach me, God, and show me things that I need to know and do in this life and the next. My treasures are in heaven and not on earth, which only fade away over time. But don’t do a work just in and through me, but in the life of my wife and my two daughters. Give them clean hands and a pure heart as You have done for me. Wash us through Your blood, Jesus. We look to You in faith and pray that You will lead us safely home to heaven as a family one day. I love You. Amen.
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