Today’s Prayer (08/29/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make the decision today to follow You. Only one path can lead us to life eternal in heaven and that is through You, Jesus. This straight and narrow path leads to heaven, but everything else will not work out in the long run. We need to come through You if we wish to be saved in this darkened world. You have helped me understand that we are in the times of the tribulation, even if it is the beginning stages. This means that Your coming is soon at hand. Death and destruction are being prepared for the wicked, but safety and security for the righteous. I am safe with You in my life, God. Without You, I have nothing going for me, but only my achievements, family, and wealth in life. All this won’t help me be saved. However, it helps me find a place in hell without You. No matter if I am rich and famous and people remember me on earth, my fame means nothing when I die if I was not saved. We need You in our lives, Jesus, or we have nothing. Real wealth comes from what we can build up in heaven, which only You can do in our lives. People who are rich and enjoy life need You desperately Lord. I am also speaking to those people who live in their sinful lifestyle and also justify it daily. They need Your forgiveness and mercy as You have done so for me. Praying for more people’s salvation. I trust in You. I love You. Amen.
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