Today’s Prayer (08/27/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will stay strong in the faith and not grow weary of doing good for Your kingdom. That our hearts will stay vigilant when it comes to seeking You daily and doing Your will. I know how some people start up different ministries and then get tired of it in the end. This often changes how they believe in You and also in their strivings to live for You also. So many times I tell people about all the wonderful things You are doing in my life, Lord, of which I give You the glory. And many of them will say that this is well and good, but don’t expect this fire to last. They say, just wait till I have been in the faith for thirty years, and then I will notice that things are much different. To these people, I ask what happened to you? Did you forget Your first love? Does doing God’s will get tying for some reason? I ask all this because if we don’t like doing Your will on earth, how will we enjoy it in heaven? If we don’t enjoy praying and worshipping You on earth, why would we do the opposite in heaven? I have to ask these questions, Lord, for many people want to go to heaven but aren’t even willing to be Your servant on earth. This is very sad and I pray that things change in people’s lives. Awaken them to their sins, that they may repent and become clean through Your blood. Truly, there is forgiveness and mercy, but only because You are a good God who loves us so much. I love You the same, Lord. Be with me all the days of my life. Amen.
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