Today’s Prayer (08/17/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all listen to You and do as You say and not what our flesh desires. I know that if I was not giving heed to Your direction and warnings for my life, I would be like other people in the world where sexual sin would rule my life. I give You thanks for conforming me into a new person that has the power to resist temptation. It was earlier today that I saw an ad on the internet about a topless picture of a famous women singer. And although I was intrigued at the moment because of lust, You helped me quickly click away and close out the page. Thank You for helping me get over the urges of looking at pornography. In the past, these ads would have sparked something in me to look at porn and gratify the flesh. But I didn’t have You in my life then. Thankfully, I surrendered my life to You and now my desires are to give and not to receive. You have been able to tame my lusts and keep them at bay. Sure, at times I fall, but You are able to get me right back up when I do. In these moments, You hear my cries and all my confessions. Thank You for hearing me and seeing how sorrowful I really am. I can’t believe how patient and loving you are. I don’t deserve Your love and forgiveness, but You give it nonetheless. Thank You, God. I give You honor and all my respect and praise! I love You. Amen.
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