Today’s Prayer (08/13/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that more Mormons will come to know the true Jesus of the Bible. There are so many red flags in their church doctrines and books they read, but because they are closed off to the truth, they cannot see what is false. So I ask that You open the eyes of many of these people today. Then, can they leave what is false behind and be saved. Truly, only You can save us, Jesus, and not a religion. Things may appear to be good on paper, like Mormon beliefs, but when testing what is taught with the Bible, it doesn’t hold water. Your words are true and faithful, but when people take away or add to Your words, this is all blasphemy. I would not want to be called a liar in Your sight, but people that create man-made doctrines in order to lead people into a church and not to You, this is oh so serious. If people could just realize the gravity of the transgressions the Mormon Church leaders and missionaries have committed. Many of them may be naïve to what they are doing, but what is false is false. The false teachings must come to the light, lest more souls are lost on the path of destruction. Help us reach them with the true gospel message from the Bible. I trust in You. I love You, God. Amen.
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