Today’s Prayer (03/19/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will begin to think straight during this planned pandemic. Yes, I truly feel, God, that this pandemic was planned from the beginning and now we are reaping the evil effects from it. It is sad that people would be developing the coronavirus in a laboratory, before letting it loose on the public. But I know that You know all things, and if I am wrong on this, you will make it mention to me. As for my feelings now, I am overwhelmed by what is being pushed on us God. It seems like the big cities require the mask, but smaller towns do not. Praise God for the small towns. I just wish that in the city I am in now, that things would also get back to normal, but I know that this will not be possible until some time in the future. Surely, there is an agenda for people to conform to wearing masks and also get the different doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. I know that they want to trick people into following these guidelines, in order for them to live in a different type of society, where the government is now in control of our lives. However, I will not allow myself, my family, and my children to follow the plans of the enemy. Satan’s attacks are all over the place right now, but I will not let Him take me down the path of destruction. If this is the beast system, we will see the mark of the beast soon, but only You know God. As for me now, I trust in You and lean upon You for the wisdom I need. Help me to not be conformed to what others are saying is right about masks and the COVID vaccine. I love You more than any special privilege’s the world may offer me. Amen.

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