Today’s Prayer (03/18/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn to do Your will above all things. There are so many distractions in this life, but the times that we resist temptation and do Your will instead, there is so much more joy to be had. Even a happiness that does not end or last for a moment. Surely, the things we can do for You, Father, and Your kingdom has no end. But when we continue to do things that bring our flesh joy it is always temporary. We are always looking for something better, in order to be fulfilled once again. Many addictions and bad habits are like this, but the day that You take away those things from our lives, there is such a huge relief. It is like our burdens have been lifted and I am a new person. I have a greater willpower to resist temptation and also to live in right standing with You. Thank You. I thank You also for the humility You give me. For I know that I am far from perfect. I fall short all the time and hate it when I do. It is like I have hurt You over and over again, which I am so sorry about God. You know exactly what eats away at my flesh and causes me to fall. But Lord, I pray that You will do something, in order for these things to no longer have power over me. I know that when I am abiding in Your presence, while in prayer, Bible study, and worship, that I am free from any temptation. So, Lord, I know where my safe place is, and that is in Your presence. Keep me ever with You. And when the enemy strikes again, come and take those bullets for me. Build me up in Your strength. Help me to not walk in willful sin, but to run from it at all costs. Yes, God, I do run from even the appearance of sin and into Your majestic arms of mercy. I love You, Lord. I praise Your holy Name. Amen.

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