Today’s Prayer (03/09/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all begin to know You the way it was meant to be from the beginning. That in prayer, people will cherish their time with You. Even to the point of just basking in Your presence for minutes to hours. I am left in awe each time I sit and think upon You, God. This simple meditation, God, often leads me to cry out to You about things that I’ve never said before. I am also able to hear things about my life and what needs to be improved, of which I am so grateful for that wisdom from heaven. If I have strength in this life, it comes from You. If there is patience, it has come from Your hand. No matter what storms come my way, I am ready to go through them because You are there with me. There are no more worries about what will happen next because You always lead me to greener pastures afterward. I simply trust in You, God, to take me by the hand and lead me every step of the way. Because I have grown so much in the faith, I no longer wish to fall into sin. The lusts of the flesh have only led to fleshy addictions, of which I always fight against afterwards. It is just impossible for me to overcome them fully without Your divine help. There are therapy groups, but what I need is Your power to break every chain of darkness. And Lord, thank You for breaking those chains in my life now. My life is secure in Your promises. Each day do I come unto You for more and more insight and knowledge. Help me to grow daily in the faith. I love You. Amen.
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