Today’s Prayer (02/10/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for teaching me something new when it comes to abstaining from idolatry, fornication, and the eating of meat that is strangled or if the blood is not cooked out. I knew about idolatry and fornication, but after reading Acts, chapter 15, I can now see the issues with the eating of meat that is strangled or if the blood is not cooked out. And I would not want to do anything that would cause my dear Jews to stumble also. They may keep the whole Mosaic law still, but for me to do these few things also, there will be less animosity around us and more peace and love. So I am grateful for this chapter and everything it has taught me, God. As I have been from the beginning, my heart is open to truth from the heavens above. So continue to pour into me Your truth, which is greater than men. I believe in You, Lord. Only You can help me abstain from such things. Especially fornication, which is my biggest downfall, according to my past experiences. Earlier in my years, I could not do this, but now I am able to. You are able to keep my sexual fantasies at bay. Even lust for women is much less now, as I continue to abide in You, Lord. You have also stopped my desire to look at porn, because of Your hand over my life. You keep me in the ways of righteousness. Thank You, God. Certainly, I am not alone when I fight and win against different temptations. You are with me in these trying times and it is so sweet to come out victorious. I love You, God. Amen.
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