Today’s Prayer (09/26/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will have ears to hear You and eyes to know the truths in this world. Help people understand what is wicked and what is righteous in Your sight. Give them over to a new way of thinking that comes from the Bible and earnest prayer, that their old belief system will be destroyed. Lord, lead people away from every man-made belief, that they may know of Your teachings and rejoice. So many people are being led astray by people who portray themselves as Your servant, but they are all wolves on the inside. This is because of Satan and his demonic army upon the earth, which needs to be stopped. People don’t realize this, but he has already infiltrated into the hearts of millions upon millions of people, and even people who say they are Christian. God, how can this be? If people would just abide in Your love, then the enemy would have no way to enter their lives. They would surround to You, then Your armor would help them not fall under his temptations. Surely, temptation can be good on the outside, but so evil and messy on the inside. They lead us into darkness, where Your light can no longer enter in. This is when people need to learn to call upon Your Name in times of trouble and in good times also. If You are not leading us in our everyday life, how can people expect to remember to call upon You for safety when times are hard. Lord, I pray that people will understand how powerful the Bible and prayer is. That through it, You are able to give us understanding and knowledge that cannot be given through men. So Lord, cast out of people’s hearts every false belief, that they may leave every false way and enter into Your righteous path. I believe in You, Jesus. I trust in You. You are my greatest delight and my joy. I love You. Amen.
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