Today’s Prayer (09/13/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that every believer will desire to become Your witnesses. That people will realize that believing in and following You is more than knowing the truth, but also telling others about You. Surely, we have the cure to eternal destruction and hell in Your gospel message of the cross and resurrection, so why would people be quiet about this matter? All I know, God, is that we have some genuine Christians out there, but also others who are living with a dead faith. And how fruitful can a person be in Your kingdom who is not willing to open their mouths and share the gospel message with others? The answer is that they cannot do any good thing for You if they are keeping the truth to themselves. Therefore, Lord, awaken people to know You for themselves. May they truly believe in You and be baptized. Then, will they put on Christ and no longer walk the path of destruction. We need Your direction in this life, or else we will easily fall victim to sin and death. And only by Your blood, that was shed for us on the cross, can we be resurrected unto new life. Surely, the day that I came out of the waters of baptism is when the Holy Spirit filled me and now I only wanted to tell others about You, Jesus. All the selfishness in my heart went away and I became more and more selfless. Lord, the best thing I can do is serve, help, and witness Your truths with people of this world. It is my prayer that people will call upon Your Name and believe. That they will then turn from their sins, and be baptized. There is a cleansing awaiting them, that only You can provide. Salvation is real and it comes through You, Jesus. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and honor. Amen.
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