Today’s Prayer (09/05/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for sharing Your mysteries with us, even in Your Holy Book, the Bible. Everything You have made and accomplished is deserving of our praise. Surely, there is no other God in the heavens or earth but You. Thank You for everything You have made, for it is a testimony of the great and mighty things You can do on earth and in our lives also. Lord, I may not have been around during the time of the great saints of old, like Moses, David, Isaiah, Elijah, and Job, but I pray that You will raise me up to be like unto them also. Help me to discover more and more of Your wisdom and understanding daily. God, I look to You in faith. Not just in words, but in deeds. Have Your way in me and use me mightily for Your kingdom. I know that extending our lives in the long future ahead of us is not promised, but I pray that You will use me now, while I still have breath. Because sickness can take a hold of me at any moment and I may die from it, I pray that my last days will be here to please You and not man. My joy does not come from the world, but by Your great hand. I am happy because You are with me. People may scoff at me, thinking my faith is in vain, but I know that when this life is set and done, that I will be with You. My king does not exist on earth but in heaven. You are my God, my Lord, my king, and my Savior. I love You, Jesus. Keep me ever in Your matchless arms of love. Carry me forth this day and the remainder of my life. Shine Your light upon me, that many people will see You in me and come to You in faith. I lift You up and give You praise. Amen.
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