Today’s Prayer (08/05/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person who has the gift of tongues will always use this gift for edifying the saints and for bringing souls unto You. Surely, this gift is used to showcase Your signs from heaven, but it can do nothing good unless an interpreter is with them. I believe what the Bible says and that we should keep quiet or speak normally if people cannot hear and also understand us. Sure, this may not be the norm of evangelical Christianity today, but if people are keeping to their own beliefs that don’t agree with Your words, then they should be counseled to one on one. Even with the desire to lead our brothers and sisters into the saving knowledge of Your words in the Bible and not their own. It is my desire that people would read the entire Bible and never stop reading it. Then, would Your words be written in our hearts. We will be able to give a word of knowledge to people because we are carrying with us what has been spoken in scripture. And Lord, so often do people fill their minds up with the junk of this world, where Your teachings are now clouded and cannot take root in their hearts. Therefore, I pray that these same people will eventually find freedom from all their junk, which is very sinful in Your sight. That they will be willing to give it all to You and be forgiven. The same goes for people who feel they are ultra spiritual and can speak with the tongues of angels. Let them be humbled down a little as they read what this gift is for and when to use it according to 1 Corinthians 14. I am grateful to have read this chapter so many times in life. I love it, for Your Words are alive and active to those who read and cherish them. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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