Today’s Prayer (06/08/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will develop a generous and kind heart. That more people will desire to help the less fortunate, and also give what they can for their needs. I know that I have gained a lot from the jobs You have given me, so it is the least I can do to help other people who have fallen into difficult and dark times. Lord, help me find people like this, that I might pray with them, and help them in their time of need. I will do all that I am able, with Your by my side. You are the supplier of all of our needs, and I just pray that what I have to offer will bless other people’s lives. I may not be rich, but what I do have can go a long way to helping Your kingdom and those in it. Lord, take everything that You have given me now and allow others to benefit because of it. You have given me so much and are also able to take away. As for me, please take and give to the homeless, the pour, the full-time missionaries, and anyone else who is hurting financially right now. Who is it for me to take and not give to someone else who is more in need than myself. My money is Your money. I love You more than what money can give me. What brings me the greatest joy, Lord, is what Your money and my service can do for the growth of Your kingdom. Surely, I am only a spec of sand on a seashore, but if more people were willing to give to others in need, then more and more people would be blessed also. Lord, it is my desire to deliver peace, even the peace that goes beyond our own comprehension. The peace, joy, love, and compassion, that can only come from You. So dwell with me all my days, that people will see You in me. I only wish to be a blessing in other people’s lives, not a burden. I love You, Lord. It is a great pleasure to also love my neighbors as myself. Amen.
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