Today’s Prayer (04/25/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will confide in You in prayer and lean not unto their own understanding. Too many people get into trouble because of their reliance on what they think they know. Even the desires of the flesh come ahead of seeking You. I do not wish people’s lives to be wrecked because of the wicked choices they are making, but find the strength that comes from You in prayer. I wish more people would understand the need to really pray and not just recite something during lunch, dinner, and other times in the day. Our times with You are real and when people understand this fact, they will truly cry out to You. Even all their confessions will begin to come out, as their tears stream down their faces. Nothing would be held back, for You are the God of the heavens and nothing can compare to what You can offer us. Even our trials we are facing can all be turned right-side-up again, because You are so good and can do anything for us, because of our faith. So, God, I am grateful to have You in my life. I love the opportunities I have to pray. This is when I am more at peace than anytime else in the day. I just wish that You could be with me at all times and in all places. Then, I would never be afraid. Lord, I love You. Thank You for forgiving a wretch like me. I was so undeserving of Your mercy, but You extended it to me anyways. You heard my cries and had compassion for my soul. No longer was I tormented by the enemy, but made strong in your presence. Surely, I do not fear death or any wars that may fall upon this land, for I know that You will be with me through it all. Even Your angels will fight for me because I trust in Your promises. I give You glory and praise, this day and forever. Keep me strengthened each day. Help me to never fall victim to the enemy again. I love You more than anything he offers. Amen.
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