Today’s Prayer (04/06/2020)

Oh Lord, may more people humble themselves before You now, so that they do not have to face what they have done wrong in judgment. It would be terrible for people in the faith to die and to be cast into the lake of fire, just because they did not want to hear another person out about their faults, that they are doing wrong. Surely, You do send messengers into each of our lives, in order to warn us about our current lifestyle or belief system, that we may repent. It is just up to the person to humble themselves before You and listen. I know that for many years I was defiant and did not care to know the truth of God outside of Mormonism. I simply bore my testimony of that church being true, instead of listening to what good Christians had to say to me. My eyes and ears were closed off to you, so it appeared to me that people were making fun of my religion, but really it was a warning from You, God. Oh, how wrong I was to not listen to people, back when I had a chance. However, You gave me many more chances that I did not deserve and kept speaking to my heart, even about my sinful life. You did not want me to perish in my unbelief and in my sins. So I began to pray and You came to my rescue. My eyes and ears were finally opened and I left that false religion behind, in order to follow You completely. Even my addiction to pornography was destroyed from my life, because of Your mighty hand. Surely, Satan had a stronghold upon me, which caused me to be angry when people called out my unbelief and sins. However, because I am set free, I welcome everything a person has to say about me now. If I am wrong, let it be said, that I may repent of those sins and be cleansed by Your blood. Thank You for Your mercy and grace. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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