Today’s Prayer (02/01/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will get their lives in order with You before it is too late. Too many people are wasting their lives on things that do not matter, and among them are people that are doing things that are very sinful and grievous in Your sight. Surely, their laziness, when it comes to watching TV and using their phones all day will catch up to them, Lord. You have so much to do in a person’s life and electronic devices are taking that precious time away from You. Therefore, are these people getting caught up in the lusts of their flesh, while not keeping You in their continued thoughts. Lord, people are now following the passions that are burning inside of them, and unfortunately, I have not seen it be for You, but other things. So they get caught up in having illicit sex with people while justifying their actions. Even people look at porn and think that since everyone’s doing it, it must be OK. Oh Lord, these sins are crying out to You, and because their hearts are closed off to Your counsel, can they not see their sinful lifestyle. It saddens me to see people get involved with other people’s spouses, because of lust and then seeing their families crumble in divorce. This is devastating not only for me to witness but for the children and spouses involved. It is my heart cry that people will wake up to their sins now so that things don’t get any worse. The outcomes of their lives can be much better if they just reach out to You in prayer. Sure, they may not know how to get out of the situation they are in, but You can help them. If people would just confess that they have sinned to You and tell You that they need You, then everything would work out for Your good. I love You, Lord. Thank You for rescuing me from a life of sexual sin, involving pornography and adultery. I am a new man because Your blood has covered me. Thank You for Your forgiveness, Lord. Amen.
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