Today’s Prayer (01/10/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will desire to do what they can in order to better understand the Bible. Nowadays we have many resources at our fingertips that will greatly help us learn and understand what You have taught us in scripture. Therefore, there is no excuse for not reading the Bible, and when we are, to not understand it. So give me and other people in the faith a greater desire to make time for You, while reading the Bible daily. And enlighten our minds as we read. Teach us things that will help us in our daily life. Convict us of any faults that are in our lives now. It is amazing the things I learn, while reading the Bible, that truly change my thoughts on different things. Where I once loved the things of the flesh and being gratified through what the world could offer me. Now, I’ve learned to despise anything that is fleshly in nature, since it doesn’t come from above. I don’t wish to have more guilt or shame built up in my life, because of the lusts within me, but be carried away in the Holy Spirit. So fill me up this day and forever with the Holy Spirit. I wish to be guided in Your light, and not only gain understanding but also have the strength to live out what I have been taught. To know You is one thing, but to honor You in my actions is another thing. I love You, Lord. To do Your will brings me the greatest joy of all. I love Your teachings in scripture. Each day I want to be filled up and be led by Your hand. Thank You, Jesus. I praise the King of glory. Amen.
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