Today’s Prayer (01/09/2020)

Oh Lord, my heart cries out for all the innocent people that have been killed over the years. Millions of unborn babies are slaughtered each year in abortion, of which my soul cries out for people to stop it. I don’t want to hear about another innocent life like this being killed while denying the importance of your beautiful creation and to reproduce. I am also afflicted in knowing that there have been millions of lives killed in not only wars but also by the hands of people that hate Christians. All this conflict and death is very sad, and only praise being to those people that have stood up for their faith even until the end of their lives. Lord, it is my desire that Your commandment, thou shalt not kill, will be rightly understood in people’s lives. May this convict people when they are about to murder someone without a cause. And really, Lord, is there ever a reason now to take an innocent life? Absolutely not! No possessions that they have could bring me joy by taking their life over. No life lost like this or in the heat of the moment is ever right. For life is precious in your sight. Lord, may more people seek Your hand more often in prayer and read the Bible daily, that Your words will be in their hearts. Then, will they know how to act under different circumstances, while keeping their cool and not overreacting. It is love that changes the atmosphere. So I pray that You will usher into every person’s life Your love, that love, peace, compassion, and kindness will abound in other people’s lives that we encounter. I love You, Lord. To do Your will is what brings me joy. Amen.
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