Today’s Prayer (10/27/2019)

Oh Lord, I love and honor You with all my heart, mind and soul. It is an honor to come unto You and worship You. Feed me Lord, as I am hungry for Your wisdom and knowledge. Help me know the way in this darken world. Keep me upright and lead me away from temptation, that I may walk in Your light. Forgive me of all my sins, God. I am sorry and need Your forgiveness. The enemy desires to take me down, but You are stronger than all things. I know that as I trust in You, I will be made strong to resist even the appearance of evil, in order to walk in Your holiness. It is so good to be guided by Your matchless hand. I am safe and have no more need to fear. Only You do I honor and fear, for You deserve all the reverence and respect. Men and women have failed me over the years, but You will never forsake me. Your love has no hounds. Your mercy never fails. How great is Your kindness. How great is Your compassion. Thank You for seeing potential in me, when no one else could. Because of Your patience and desire to help me, I am changed. You have put inside of me a new way of life. The Holy Spirit is with me now and my eyes have been opened. Thank You for giving me direction. I am now saved, because You love me so much. I am grateful, Lord, to be Your son. I give You now all the praise and the honor. I glorify in Your great Name, Jesus, for You are holy. Amen.
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